To develop and sustain partnerships that provide services to improve the lives of children and their families.


Our children will have the tools and support  to become healthy, educated and responsible adults.

Our Core Values


  • The family is the single most important institution in our society and it should be maintained as a unit.
  • Families need to be empowered to promote self-sufficiency and growth.
  • Each individual has value and deserves dignity “To be all that they can be.”
  • The needs of the total family can be better met through collaboration and mutually reinforcing systems of support.
  • Prevention and intervention are the key to better outcomes and can not occur too soon.
  • Children and their families can be successful when educational, emotional, social, spiritual, and physical needs are met.

Reaching Families Through Community Programs


Utilizing a Collective Impact framework to foster alignment within and among community systems. APC ensures that all children are healthy, primed for school and positioned to succeed in school and in life.


Augusta Partnership for Children, Inc., is a charitable non-profit collaborative purposed to create solutions to local challenges experienced by children and families using the expertise and knowledge of people living in Augusta Richmond County. Our services include training, home visiting, health education, group facilitation and resource sharing.

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APC actively engages the community to identify the most vulnerable children and families, and those at greatest need. Our team members refer community members and influencers to programs and support services provided through our network of partners.


Focusing on the power of collaboration, partnerships are formed to provide strategic guidance around youth and family serving initiatives and to support direct services to children and families.


Throughout our existence, the APC has launched innovative programs and championed causes for the betterment of our community and the children and families therein. Through systems alignment, strong inter-agency collaboration and community capacity building efforts, APC has had a great deal of success. Our successes include 1) the creation and launch of the Family Self Sufficiency Initiative 2) the launch of the Continued Change Initiative 3) the role out of our Parents as Teachers Program and the evolution of our First Steps Program.


APC strives to ensure that the community is aware of and connected to personal and professional training and development opportunities. We believe it’s important to keep the community abreast of emerging issues that threaten the health and well-being of children and families.