Quick Information about APC, Inc.

APC, Inc. is the first coalition for children established in the State of Georgia and was originally founded as the Augusta Coalition for Children and Youth in 1985.


To develop and sustain partnerships that provide services to improve the lives of children and their families.


Our children will have the tools and support to become healthy, educated and responsible adults.

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What We Do

Through collaboration and the collective efforts of over 80 partnering agencies, we promote systems and social change that not only improves the lives of children and families but also strengthens the community through Networking, Engaging and Connecting.


  • Working internally to build a rapport and maintain effective communication with local children and families to identify their needs. 
  • Working strategically with stakeholders to effectively communicate the needs of local children and families to improve their overall health, safety and well-being. 


  • Working visibly to create a clear purpose and safe space for engaging with children and families by establishing authenticity, displaying empathy, and showing respect. 
  • Working intentionally with stakeholders to create a common agenda, shared measurement systems, mutually reinforcing activities, and continuous communication. 


  • Working persistently with families to connect them with resources to ensure their needs are met, and they are safe, stable and productive because of our relationship. 
  • Working cohesively with stakeholders to strengthen and streamline our relationship to ensure meaningful impact, data driven decision-making, working systems, and winning solutions.