The Collaborative Partners represent local agencies/organizations, private citizens, the board of education, local government, churches, hospitals, community centers, and colleges and universities. Representatives from these     agencies/organizations meet quarterly to discuss issues and accomplishments in the community concerning children and families. The discussions address gaps in services, as well as duplication in services and needed systems change. It is also an opportunity for sharing information and networking.

Each year, one of these meetings is dedicated to discussing updates for the Community Annual Plan. The council is divided into five committees. Each committee focuses on a set of benchmark objectives, established as a result of a community needs assessment pertaining to the following areas:

  • Healthy Children
  • Children Primed for School
  • Children Succeeding in School
  • Stable, Self-Sufficient, and Productive Families
  • Thriving Communities

The benchmark objectives serve as the basis for the development of the Community Annual Plan. For each benchmark objective, baseline conditions and strategies are identified by the corresponding strategy teams.  Furthermore, the  partners declare what roles they will assume and make commitments in particular areas to ensure that services, programs and activities are available for consumers.

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