Over the past 33 years, APC’s work for Augusta’s children and families has had a resounding impact in the community. Here are a few examples of our successes by program:

Continued Change Initiative (CCI) 

• Secured 1.8 million dollars to reduce teen pregnancy and STIs in Richmond, Burke, Jefferson, Washington and Wilkes Counties over a period of 5 years.
• Served 7,686 teenagers via evidence-based risk reduction education programming.
• Implemented sexual risk reduction education programming in community-based, faith-based and school-based settings.
• Expanded the knowledge of 94% of parents concerning the threat of AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases among teenagers.
• Changed the mindset of 98% of parents to allow their teenagers to learn about STDs and HIV/AIDS in middle school or before.
• Changed the mindset of 95% of parents to allow their teenagers to learn about contraception and birth control in middle school or before.

Family Self-Sufficiency Initiative 

• Hosted a Poverty Simulation, sensitizing 36 community participants of the realities of a lifetime of being in poverty, on January 27, 2020 in observance of National Poverty Awareness month.
• Hosted monthly strategy team meeting to discuss the challenges of poverty and create activities to mobilize the community on the realities of the issue.
• Hosted 16 curriculum training sessions on Getting AHEAD in a Just Gettin’ by World to 12 participants
• Hosted lunch and learn sessions to reinforce the Theory of Change and understand the causes of poverty
• Graduated 6 participants from the Getting AHEAD curriculum training.
• Assisted graduates with obtaining ServSafe certificates, CDL license and employment.
• Maintains a mentor relationship with program graduates to encourage their continued success.

Georgia Home Visiting Program 

• Screened 297 families through First Steps and served 116 families through Parents as Teachers between Sep 1, 2019 and present.
• Provided over 1400 referrals to families through the First Steps and Parents As Teachers programs.
• Completed 87 developmental screenings using the Ages and Stages -3 screening tool.
• Referred 11 children, who screened positive for delays to Babies Can’t Wait.
• Completed 78 developmental screenings using the Ages and Stages -SE2 screening tool.

Opening Doors Out of School Youth Program 

• Hosted 16 curriculum training sessions on Getting AHEAD in a Just Gettin’ by World to 8 participants.
• Hosted 3 lunch and learn sessions with special guest speakers covering topics such as financial literacy, money management and access to community resources.
• Scheduled mock interviews with a local employer for participants to learn basic interview skills, and improve their employability.
• Graduated 5 participants from the Getting AHEAD curriculum training.
• Transitioned two participants to the work experience portion of the program.
• Created 3 new tracks for new recruits to obtain a credential, gain work experience and receive the Getting Ahead curriculum training.
• Created innovative strategies to recruit new participants via social and virtual platforms due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
• Added a new in-house programmatic role of case management
• Received new training on Getting AHEAD in the Workplace

Dear Community Partners,

I sincerely thank you for your continued support of the Augusta Partnership for Children, Inc. This is year four of my leadership, and I am very happy to share that things continue to progress throughout our community. No, we have not changed Augusta – Richmond County, and we have not exceeded all of our goals and objectives, but we continue to make great strides each passing day. This year, we have experienced many challenges; however, I am grateful for the intensity and strength of our community in the face of COVID-19.

As we take a look down memory lane, the world around us; our community; our workplaces; and our homes have truly changed. Our new lives in the midst of this pandemic has generated panic, defeat and worst of all, fear. Although we have been challenged because of COVID-19, we have continued, more than ever, to work through multiple collaborative efforts to identify resources to ensure that our community and the families therein continued to thrive. Through both innovative and virtual efforts, we continue to focus our efforts on factors like optimal health, reading proficiency, school success, family stability, prescription drug misuse and suicide awareness & prevention that negatively impacts youth and families in our community.

As I mentioned to you all last year, we cannot do the work of the community without individuals like you. Nothing is more important than ensuring the health, safety and well-being of our children and families. I am confident that our ongoing efforts, both as individual agencies/organizations and as a collaborative, will promote and generate positive change in our community.

Thanks for your on-going support.


Candice L. Hillman


Our community, Augusta-Richmond County, is stronger when we all work together.